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The Door

As I sit here awaiting guests to arrive for today’s wedding, I have decided to make some notes. I have often considered doing so, but an excuse has always won the internal debate.

My attention is directed at this door. I imagine no one, since it’s builder sanded it to it’s final smoothness, has ever really studied this door. As far as doors go, it is not that unique. Oak, maybe something else, some hinges, a lock put in place many years after the door was first hung, could adequately describe the door to most any passerby.

The door at Patten Chapel in Chattanooga.  Photo Courtesy Soli Photography.

The door at Patten Chapel in Chattanooga. Photo Courtesy Soli Photography.

To me, the door is so much more than that. The phrase, “if these walls could talk…” is a familiar one to us all. I do not envy the stories of the oft ignored walls. I want to hear the door. The moments this door has experienced could fill volumes of tomes rivaled only by the Library of Congress. How many brides have walked through this door? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? I don’t know. But I do know this. This door represents walking out of one life; walking out of a life as one.

In about two hours, she is going to walk up to that door. Someone, maybe her father, is going to reach for the knob. This is the moment I remember. Her, and the door. In mere seconds, the vision she has imagined since she first saw Cinderella will be before her eyes. This is the final moment of The Dream. This is the moment where her dream becomes a reality. This is the moment where wishful thinking and fairytales meld into reality with nothing to discern the latter from the former. Imagination will be replaced with reality, and the reality will surpass even the wildest of imaginations. At that moment, the energy, the anticipation, the culmination of months, if not years of planning will come to a crescendo. THIS is the moment to capture. THIS is the moment that only the door sees. Once this door opens, she will begin her walk to the new love of her life. She will approach the alter. A man, as nervous as he might ever be, stares into her eyes while the door squeezes out the last sliver of daylight to permit her beauty to become the sun of the room.

As the ceremony concludes, after he has kissed her, after the preacher has pronounced them as one, as husband and wife, where do they turn their attention as they walk? To the door. The door that was the exit for her, now becomes the entrance for them to enter the world together. Though no love is lost for those still inside, no greater love exist between two people as they pass the door.

Minutes later, hundreds of people will walk the same path as was just taken by the two of them. But the door knows. It knows their singular journey will be like none before, and none to follow. It will be one of kind, and the door was there for the first step of forever.

How lucky am I? I get to be there, with the door, to witness that step. Every week, couple after couple, allow me to see their first step into forever. For that, I am eternally grateful, and lucky.

Next time you attend a wedding, look at the door as you enter. Imagine how lucky that door is. Imagine, in about an hour, the door will see it all again for the first time.

Please visit my website. I’d love to be there with the door to your forever.

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