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Summer Nights – 2009

If you have been reading, you know how much I love weddings, but like most anything, there are some “types” I like more than others. When given a choice, I prefer a Saturday or Friday wedding over a Sunday wedding. I have made reasons public before, but, to summarize, generally, on Sunday, guests want to see the wedding, tell the new couple “congratulations” and go home. There is often a lack of celebration after the wedding.

Yesterday was a big, fat, exception! We had an absolute blast! More on that later, first, let me start from the beginning.

I met Hannah through a frequent business partner of mine, Cheryl from Blissful Moments Wedding and Event Planning. Cheryl was the wedding planner for Hannah. After discussing the type of reception Hannah and her mother wanted, Cheryl decided to introduce Hannah to me. I am so glad she did. We met at Cheryl’s office one morning. By the end of the meeting, I was quite excited about the opportunity to be a part of this wedding. At that time, it was not decided if I was going to provide the sound for the ceremony or if they were going to get live musicians. A couple of weeks later it was decided I would get to be a part of the ceremony as well.

The ceremony and reception were to be held at The Fillauer Lake House in Cleveland. A venue with it’s own unique charm that I thoroughly enjoy working. The ceremony was on the lawn under the shade of the many old trees. The song choices were well thought out, “Sunrise, Sunset” for the seating of the Grandparents. Hannah wanted the instrumental version, which is the best choice for a wedding, however, the lyrics of the song are so appropriate, I sometimes wish I could play the vocal version.

The officiant gave a little sermon after the wedding party, less Hannah, was in place. I thought it was wonderful. He compared weddings to Christmas, in that, sometimes we get so focused on the gifts, the event, and the party, we forget the true meaning of the wedding ceremony. He reminded us all to keep that in mind as we watch these two pledge their lives to each other before friends, family, and God.

The reception was held in the barn with overflowing guests all over the grounds of the venue. Hannah and husband are truly blessed with an abundance of people that care for them. The flow of the reception was not much different than many other receptions, except Hannah had a dance with her Grandfather as well as her father. Her grandfather impressed the crowd in that, he danced to the entire song, and gave Hannah several spins, and even a partial “dip!”

Hannah had a “Candy Bar,” similar to a buffet, but full of candy rather than cheese and fruit. There was plenty of other food and drinks, I even took a moment to sample what I believed to be, crabcakes. Whatever they were, they were great! Greg, from Impressions Food Company should be commended for his outstanding fare, and professional staff!

After the toasts, we opened the dance floor. I do not recall seeing the actual floor again the rest of the night. People were having a great time, holding up the groom, spinning the bride, hugs were a dime a dozen, and smiles were universal. We had the bouquet and garter toss about an hour before the scheduled end time. I think 4 different ladies got a piece of the bouquet, and, a very rare scene, there was actually some pushing and shoving for the garter!

As the time was nearing the end I was truly disappointed, not at the reception, for it was blast, but that I knew there was not an option for playing longer. I could have played for hours longer. I had about 7 songs in my head I knew the guests would love and wanted to play them, but I only had time for a couple more songs. I played “Shout’ by the Isley Brothers to try and get any remaining energy out of each person. I followed that with “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, a fun song, and it gives people some time to rest their legs. Time for one more song, so I played the medley of hits from the movie “Grease.” That medley ends with the song, “Summer Nights,” to which everyone sang at the top of their lungs, and which was more than appropriate. The wedding was the day before June, the sun, which had been shining all day, had recently set and tomorrow would rise again to begin the Summer of ’09, a summer of firsts for Hannah and her husband as they start their lives together. What lies before them is unknown, but what I DO know, they have the love and support of family and friends, and the respect of many. I know this summer will be the topic of many a dinner conversation for many years to come. I am so blessed to able to be a part of kicking it off with them.

Hannah, Spike, congratulations to both of you. I thank you very much for allowing me to be a part of your day. Best of luck to both you, and enjoy the Summer of ’09, and every summer thereafter!

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Some professionals who helped make this a wonderful event:

Blissful Moments Wedding and Event Planning

Daisy Moffatt Photography (Daisy is going to have her own article on my blog pretty soon!)

Impressions Food Company

Entertainment Solutions

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