Mountains, Music, and Memories

It has been 4 days since Janet and Jim’s wedding.  I am now just gathering all of my thoughts of this wonderful wedding.

I am always a little nervous about weddings at The Biltmore in Ashville, NC.  The expectations are so high on every level.  To the bride that dares to have her wedding at The Biltmore, I salute you.  Janet took on the challange, and hit a homerun of epic proportions.  Her choice in everything I saw was perfect.  The decor, the colors, the room, the menu, the schedule, EVERYTHING!  Like I said, having a wedding at The Biltmore can be a challenge, everything must be perfect.  Janet accomplished this.

Janet had her ceremony on the grounds of The Biltmore with the reception immediately afterwards.  She had a string ensemble to perform for both the ceremony, and a cocktail reception on the patio.  After the cocktail reception, it was time for dinner and the celebration.

Janet wanted personalized introductions for each member of the bridal party.  She had a different song in mind for each person, and a little one or two line that fit the personality of each person.  I told Janet she is now in charge of writing scripts for me, for each one was perfect.  The bridal party loved it, and really “worked the crowd” upon their entrances.  I will admit, I do not think I did as well as I normally do for introductions, for I was just as entertained watching them enter, it caught me completely off guard!

Janet and Jim had their first dance to “Love You ’til the End” by The Pogues.  After the dances, we had a couple of heart felt toasts, and right into dinner.

After dinner, the celebration started.  And a celebration it was.  You may know, from my prior posts, Sunday receptions have some unique challenges.  They almost always end very early, and most people are ready to leave after saying their well wishes to the couple.  Not this time.  We danced, and danced, and then danced more.  The Biltmore had to kick us out.  That may be a first for me on a Sunday reception!

Janet made lovely leaves as gifts to all of her guests and was kind enough to let me have one.  She made it so it can be used as a Christmas ornament, which I will do this year, however, I do not want to pack it up for almost a year, so I am going to find a place to display it year-round as well.

After the reception, I began my journey home.  I did not make it, and had to find a hotel on the way home.  That is the first time that has happened in a long time, the reception truly wore me out.

We had such a great time, I hope I get to be a part of many more celebrations with this group of people.

Thanks again.

I will soon post links to Janet’s photographer and videographer, please check back soon!

Please go to my website to find out if your date is still available

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