120+ Years in the Making

This weekend was one I had been looking forward to for quite some time. Since about March 4, 2008 to be exact. Amber hired Cheryl from Blissful Moments weddings (link below) as her coordinator. Cheryl and I had worked together before and she thought I would be a good match for Amber.

I will disclose something here I never even told Amber, after our first meeting, I figured we did not mesh well together. I was a little (a lot) disappointed. After hearing some of her ideas about her reception, knowing the location, and the time of year it was going to be held, I just knew I wanted to be a part of this fantasitic reception. Amber, I think, has a double life as a professional poker player, for she gave absolutely no indication during our meeting that she was interested in hiring Entertainment Solutions.

A couple of weeks later, I received the good news, Amber had decided to hire us for her reception.

Now, on with the fun part, the reception!

The reception was held at an old barn at The Fillauer House in Cleveland, TN. This barn was originally built around 1880. Honestly, it does not look much has been done since! It is very rustic, and creates a wonderful atmosphere. Because of the size of Amber’s guest list, there was a tent erected on the end of the barn. We set up speakers outside of the barn so the guests in the tent could hear everything happening inside the barn. We also provided all of the lighting for the tent, when available, I will post some pictures. Amber set up some fire pits that provided both warmth, and a place to roast s’mores!

Amber gave every guest some postcards to fill out and mail back to her over the next year, she also had guests write well wishes on some cloth squares, that she is going to make into a quilt, very exciting.

We did an anniversery dance, where every married couple started dancing on the dance floor. As I changed to ever older songs, couples would leave the floor as directed until the final couple was the couple that was married the longest. To her, Amber gave the bouquet.

We had lots of dancing, we had lots of fun. Amber’s dog, Annabelle, was even there! Amber and James left the reception on a four wheeler. When they left, there were still some guests that wanted to party just a bit longer, how could I say no? We played music for about another 30 minutes while everyone else was packing up.

I had a wonderful time, Amber and James look great together.

Please go to my website to find out if your date is still available www.ESDJ.com

Blissful Moments Wedding and Event Planning

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