Worlds Apart – Back Together

What I am about to tell you may not be completely true. I will do my best to explain the exact situation, but I have taken some liberties and made some assumptions.

Jen & Simon are both homeless, sort of. Simon is from the UK, Jen is from this area, Chattanooga. Jen lives in New Zealand. Both of their Visa’s prohibit either from living in the other’s country until they get married. Simon, living in the UK, is helping Jen, living in New Zealand, plan a wedding in Chattanooga, TN! Think about that!

Now, on to the part I know is 100% true. The wedding and reception. Both were held at The Fairyland Club on Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga. We did not provide the sound for the ceremony.

The reception, well wait, I need to back up for a moment. Jen sent me an email about a month before the wedding asking what I wanted to eat at the reception and if I had any dietary restrictions. Normally, it is my policy to not eat at the reception. I certainly do not think you should both pay me, and then buy my dinner. However, I also do not argue the point too much. I love sharing dinner with new friends. Back to the menu. When I first saw it, I thought there are some restaurants that do not have this wide of a selection! Usually it is “Chicken or Beef.” I had no idea for what I was about to experience.

Jen & Simon, in wanting to share with their family and friends the wide array of cuisine they have been eating over the past couple years while traveling the globe, had a dinner in the style of tapas. Basically a plate that might be a small meal that two or three can share, is brought to the table of 8-10 for everyone to share. Everyone eats small portions of many courses. In this Tapas, each course was a different region of the world. There was southern American, there was Thai, and of course, beef wellington, among three others. By the end of this meal, guests were as full as any would have been from a 5 course dinner.

One story you must know about this reception. The Best Man’s toast. Simon’s brother obviously spent many hours, days, or even weeks preparing this “toast.” I put toast in quotes, because it was more of a production. It was, and I do not think I am stretching this too much, was about 20 minutes long. It felt like it was about two minutes. It was so entertaining. Everyone laughed, cried, hugged, and even got their own picture of Simon as a baby. My description cannot do the toast justice, so I will cease in my attempt to do so.

Once the dinner and the toasts were complete, it was time to dance. Jen and Simon started it off with their first dance. Simon stared into Jen’s eyes like he had discovered the meaning of life. If I was in charge of Hallmark cards, the picture of the two of them dancing would be on the front of many a love card.

We had a wonderful evening of dancing. Simon’s niece (about 3 yrs old), who was still on UK time mind you, ran around and hugged everyone and certainly stole the show away from me.

As usual, the end came too soon for me. For our final dance everyone came to share the special moment. Amazing, people traveled across an ocean and still, the celebration of two people trumped all issues of being tired, worried about life, etc. We all just admired these two people. Admired how even being oceans apart, fate has a way of bringing the right two people together.

Best of luck to both of you, now, go get your Green Cards!

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