Daytime Reception

I am the first to admit, I usually do not like receptions that are in the afternoon. I mean no offense to anyone, everyone has different tastes, and necessity sometimes requires such. Just because I do not prefer them, does not mean they cannot be fun. Emily and Greg proved that to me!

This reception had a little something for everyone. First, the music selection. I do not recall a wedding in a long time where I had to buy so much music, except for maybe the French/Korean wedding from a couple months ago! Emily and Greg have such a unique taste for music, their friends knew this and were expecting something different than any other reception. Greg seemed a little nervous the first time he called me. His plan was to create play lists on his iPod and just allow me to hook it up to my system. I assured him that would not be a good idea. After a couple of conversations, I think I finally convinced him I know a thing or two about music!

When working with Entertainment Solutions, you can be as detailed, or “hands off” as you feel comfortable. Greg was the former. At our final meeting Greg and Emily brought me two play lists. One for dinner, and one for dancing. The play list for dinner contained about 20 songs. I owned about 3. I bought the rest, and loved almost all of them.

The reception was at The Walden Club in Chattanooga. I love working at The Walden Club, for both the view, and the helpful staff. This reception was no exception. After dinner it was time to start the celebration.

Here is where many daytime receptions start to fade away fast. Not this one. We had a blast! Greg and Emily make such a wonderful couple. The songs they choose fit both of their personalities, and worked well with atmosphere they wanted to create. At the end of the reception, which came waaaay too soon, I could not believe how many people were still there to celebrate the marriage. Greg and Emily are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I am glad they allowed me to share in this day with them.

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