800 miles to get there, 7 hours of fellowship!

Get out your atlas, or Mapquest. Look for Young Harris, GA. As you can see it is basically nowhere. So why would a couple from Florida make their friends and family travel all the way there to get married? That was my first question too!

I met Jennifer and her mother at the Brasstown Valley Resort last spring to discuss her reception. At that time I thought the venue was certainly nice, but worth such a long trip? I must admit, I had my doubts.

I arrived about 3 hours before the start of the ceremony (we were providing the music for the ceremony as well as the reception). I started setting up the ceremony system in the most picturesque garden at the foothills of the Georgia mountains. Behind me was a gentle waterfall going to a small pond which then led to a small creek. In front of me was a wonderful view and the clearest, bluest sky I have seen in quite sometime. It was then I realized, this may be the perfect place for a wedding.

A funny side note. I made Jennifer quite nervous. I checked in with, who I thought, was the wedding point person for the resort, at least he said he was. Unbeknownst to me, there was another wedding there that day. When Jennifer asked if the DJ had arrived yet, about an hour before the start of the ceremony, she was told “no.” Obviously nervous, a manhunt was on for me! By the time they found me, I was about to change into my tuxedo, having set up everything already.

The ceremony was beautiful. We had a small issue with the microphone for the officiant, but as small and intimate as everything was, it worked out well.

During the reception Jennifer’s sister gave the most heartfelt toast I can remember in a long time. Afterwards, it was time to start the party. And a party it was! We played everything from today’s current hits, to funk and rap from the 80’s. I was sad to hear the venue would not allow us to play longer. Grandparents were dancing much later than I thought possible, the flower girl, all of about 4 years old, danced until past MY bedtime!

As usual everyone thanked me for a great time, but the truth is, I had just as much fun as everyone else. I am truly blessed to be able to share these wonderful moments with such wonderful people.

After I was packed and ready to start my three hour drive home, I thought to myself, there is not another place on earth where this wedding would have been any more fun.

Thanks Jennifer!

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  1. #1 by Customer Comment on October 16, 2008 - 1:33 pm

    Below is the feedback Jennifer left on the website:

    Jeremy was such a pleasure to work with. He read the crowd very well and was extremely professional while entertaining. His talent for performing weddings far exceeds previous weddings I have attended. I felt truly blessed to have him perform at my wedding and would recommend him to anyone who wants a top-of-the-line class act!

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